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Alejandra Martinez. Talking RealLifeShit. This is for you.
  • You know; in the end we all just want something to relate to. Someone to relate to; not just to understand but to truly really feel what we do. At the end of it all, that all i ever wanted. Someone to be there first thing when i woke up, and when i went to bed. Of course we’re always gonna feel that regret. that pain that never goes away. No matter how much we convince oursleves that its gone. But when that One thing. Comes to light. No matter how small. All the pain rushes back. Like its nvr ending. Feeling like , wow. I just keep going back to where i left off. — Thats when we need to be reminded. To look at our lives. and see. Eveything changes. But WITH reason. Imagine if you didnt make the choices you made., where would end up? & you know., just thinking about it. makes you wanna cry,. We waste so Much energy on just the words”What if” . When we can take all that energy and put it into something else. Why do we fall so hard, when everything felt so right,. Was it becuz we saw something that we wanted to be there… Thats what messes us up the most. Our image. In our minds of how everything Should or could be. Not of how it really is. — We dont have to fight these feelings alone. We just CHoose to. Fear.to have Depression. It is a product of our imagination. Causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. Danger. Is rela. But fear. is a choice. Dont give up because someone couldnt see what shines the brightest. Your life alone. Is something not to take for granted. How many people have died wishing that they Evn had life. — Cherish evry moment you have. Live evry second with the people you love. & nvr regret your own story that your telling. Nvr regret the things that once made you smile. & feel brand new. We’re only human., & i cant express that enough. We feel, we cry, we believe becuz we Can. we’re not some supernatural with powers built with a switch that can turn off emotions. No; we’re better then that. We care. & compassion& kindness is something evn the blind can see. We are who we are. Just because a roadblock got in your way once, twice or even more. I cant promise itll be a clear road from here on out. I cant tell you the things you exaclty wanna hear. But i can say. That things can Only get better from here. Life would nvr put you in a situation you cant handle. Just gotta get up and try again. Be yourself. & the nxt person that sees that shining light glowing from you, theyll love you. because you chose to be You. Living. Having a life. Choosing to be alive. No matter all the bullshit you been through. That alone is strength. That alone makes you the strongest person alive.

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Im Tired Of Guys. Seriously.

Im Alone Again.

It Was Finally My Own Decision. 

I Have To Do My Own Thing.

Living My Own Life.

But If Only..

If Only.. That Guy . 

That Soul Mate Would Walk Into My Life.

Free Me. Show Me That I Can Love Again.

I Would Be A Changed Woman.

God. This Prayer Is For You.

I finally want happines.. I want to make people around me happy, I want to smile and mean it. Change my life. 

I Need You To Change My Life~<3

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"Have you ever been so in love with someone that even after spending 5 months not speaking a word to them… they cross your mind every second and invade your dreams every night…. that even though you KNOW 100% that they’ll never be yours… you can’t turn away?"
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